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Congratulations, you found and agreed to buy your perfect home but what happens now?

Holding deposit and option to purchase

  • Once you have agreed to the conditions and terms it is important to pay a holding deposit to the agent in order to take the property off the market. This deposit varies between 5.000 and 10.000 euros depending on the price of the property.
  • All the contracts will be drawn up by a lawyer specialized in property law. You may already have had a lawyer recommended to you, otherwise Marbella Estates will be more than happy to recommend you a reputable local law firm who know well both the area and its characteristics.
  • The lawyer, together with Marbella Estates, will complete a legal search on the property. Once this is done an options contract is signed. This usually takes place within two weeks from the deposit being paid and the standard amount to pay is 10% of the total purchase price. In this contract all the conditions of the purchase are established and a date for the final handover/completion is set.

Completion at the Public Notary

  • Possession is given to the buyer of the property when the title deeds are signed. As a buyer you pay the vendor the outstanding amount and keys to your new home are handed over to you.


  • When the Spanish title deeds are signed, the original, issued by the notary, will be taken by your lawyer to the local land registry and the property will be registered into your name.
  • This process may take a few months; you are however the full owner from the moment the title deeds are signed. Your lawyer will also change contracts for electricity, water, telephone and yearly taxes into your name.

So how much does all this cost?

  • This depends on if you buy a new property from a developer or a resale property from a private previous owner, and if you are taking out finance and the value of the property as such. As a general rule always calculate and allow for approximately 10% of the price in direct costs and taxes for a resale property, and 14% for a new property from a developer.
  • As the taxes vary depending on the type and value of property, you will be informed by us regarding the exact conditions for the property you have chosen to purchase.
  • If the property that you are buying is under construction a favourable payment plan is used from the developer. Always discuss the conditions of these payment plans with us in order to make sure your money will be guaranteed until the house is completed.
  • If you need bank finance, we can offer you contacts with most financial institutions. The conditions of the mortgage facilities may vary so please discuss these matters with our team in order to receive the right advice. For more information, our advisors at Marbella Estates will be able to give you all the necessary information and guidance you need.